Easter Time Plan.

Let’s focus on some real professional development over easter.

I’ve just posted a pretty long post all about my targets for the year and whether I hit them. I did hit my targets mostly, but at the same time, I’m still working on a lot of them over the next few weeks, which is why I’m going to make a little blog post to keep track of what I’m doing.

Okay so,

the first thing I want to do is make my online portfolio broader. It currently has no branding on it, which at this point I feel it really should. the only branding it does have is my own logo. I am working on Milbank arms branding and redoing Hadrian Brewery packaging and branding with new skills I’ve learnt. These are both pretty urgently needed to add to my portfolio to evidence my skills in this area.

The other 2 things I’m working on are app designs for hedgehog lab, animation and type for typomania brief, and character design for adobe creative brief. These are all things I currently do not have a lot of knowledge in but I should have, I have chosen tutorials to evidence as part of my learning in these areas.

The other work I am producing is for Vamos, which will be graffiti inspired digital artwork, where I will create my own font to use for a poster. This is what I’d say my ‘area of knowledge’ is, and by creating my own typeface which I’ve never tried before, I am expanding knowledge further.

The rest of the work is blog based. I want to create a creative cv with my own branding I have previously created. possibly expanding the colour scheme.



  1. Finish branding Projects and add to portfolio. Milbank arms will be a part of the work-based learning file. Hadrian Brewery work, the idea can be kept but improved through pattern work skills learned and evidenced in portfolio and blog. Part of Portfolio, final work.

2.  Finish App Design for hedgehog lab. I think where I currently am I just need to invest time in the app rather than the visor, as this skill isn’t important. part of work-based learning file.

3. Vamos. Create own typeface and poster inspired by Brazilian street art. work based learning.

4. Typomania. Animation and type. Final, Portfolio

5. Adobe creative. Final, Portfolio

6. I also need to think about how I want my graduate final show to be set up. As of now I am thinking, my portfolio will be set out on a beam, I may have an animation loop video from my typomania work, portfolio work supporting ideas and development from this. I also want my created typeface to be showcased through poster printout, with the portfolio to support the development from this. the rest of my work can be shown in portfolio only. But this something I will discuss with Sarah / Phil after Easter and amend to fit with the studio space.

I have made this plan to hit targets I may have not accomplished yet in the year, each project I will learn something new and expand my knowledge.

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