Skills Mapping, have I hit my targets for lvl5?

It’s easter, I have 2 weeks away from college, which means I can just flat out plan and work!  I’m Starting my easter break by making a list of where I need to improve, how I’m going to do so and when (like a time plan). I will do this from my current targets.

I’ve already done this in a way through my course, the past few weeks I have been finding tutorials to help me develop my skillset and have more for what employers may ask for, in my experience they will ask for more than just graphic design skills. They may also ask for you to have a particular skill in one area, eg branding. (This happened for an internship application)

My second target set for the year was to continue to expand knowledge and gain confidence in my own work, ideas and opinions.

This confidence I have in my own work and ideas has definitely grown over the past 2 months or so, I learnt at hedgehog lab that listening and trying to understand others ideas is a massive part of being a good teammate. Having respect for opinions and ideas is key to openmindedness and growing skills. I believe that I have hit this target, and I am continuing to expand my skillset by partaking in Ted talks and tutorials over easter.

My first target was to broaden my digital skills and understanding 

I definitely know that this will be something that is constant through education and career, as technology changes we have to learn new things. But, I have been developing my skills and keeping up with design trends. For my final practice, I have done extensive research into current creative trends in colour, graphic design and in illustration. By researching creative trends I instantly have a source of inspiration for new works which helps me with my process. I learned how to create a pattern using illustrator, and linked this to the current trend in 80’s style.


My third target was to work at a steady pace through projects, so I have enough time to execute and carry a project to its full potential.

This is something I have been doing, for the past few projects I have been making time plans and sticking to them (for the most part) and if I didn;t manage to stick to them, I have sat down and did bits of work daily to catch up and make sure I have enough time for everything.


my fourth target was to work on getting noticed in industry 

This is something, in particular, I’m focusing on right now, I went to hedgehog lab and plan on going back to spend the day there working in a workplace environment for experience. I also plan on entering live briefs for my final practice including typomania and adobe which are all ways of getting involved in the creative community.

my fifth target was to work on presentation and quality of work.

I usually now focus on the content and then leave a separate gap at the end of my projects for presentation which is significant. I now do my projects completely digitally, I realised loose drawings and scamps in a professional document looks messy, and now I take photo’s of them instead. One other thing I focus on more now is doing more research.

My last target was to learn how to drive, this is still ongoing and I feel that it may take a while for me to  have my own car, but I will keep persisting as I want the independence and ability to work in different places I couldn’t get to with public transport.

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