Instagram Influences.

Over the past year or so, I have been following more design pages that I like, which mostly revolve around graphic design posters. I found inspirations and developed my own style from the following pages. I naturally gravitated towards these pages and found something about them special and different, and this is where I started to want to create similar concepts.

Main concepts –

inspirations –

Using these influencers, I can now really try and push some new style work out for these last few weeks I have studying my lvl5 and into lvl6 , I’d like to explore more with colour palettes and combining shape with photography like Indg0 has. The colours for pipnpop are so cute and I just love how vivid but pastel they are. CandyforniaStudio has everything I need for inspiration, the theme is so consistent and seeing this consistency in others makes me want to have a more consistent style of my own.

I have created boards with my favourite images from these influences, which I will use to develop more posters from photography, and more graphic prints. I can use pipnpop for colour inspiration.



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