Evaluation of PD.

I thought I’d take some time out of my busy schedule currently to write about what I’ve learned through blogging and personal development. I write an evaluation for everything I do so I wouldn’t choose to miss out the blog with the amount of time I’ve spent on it.

My blog has been the best place for me to post any work I do outside of college in my own time, there has been a few things in the pipeline, such as udemy graphic design boot camps and a few online tutorials, I personally think I should have stepped out further and did work for companies and brands, however, I am in a good place currently with my skill set to be able to start doing so, and maybe if I did this earlier I would have cut myself short with balancing working with learning, especially since I struggle with time management.

The other thing I could have done is listen to TED Talks that relate to my industry or current situation and blog about how what I learned can change my work ethic. I believe my work ethic has gotten better naturally, however, when I realised that this is what I want for a job. Learning about my personality type helped me understand how I can work with others better since I am introverted.

Another thing I used my blog for was sort of miniature time plans, I may have not wrote out a time plan for each of my projects but I use my blog and write about what I do during a week, and then what I need to do to take my project a step further.

Take final practice and work based learning for an example; my easter time plan. writing out these blog posts really helped me set apart what I need to focus on for each project, and when would be best to do so.



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