What I intend to do next – Final show prep

okay so, a little bit of a last minute post but I want to talk about some last minute decisions I have made.

These mostly link to the work I have developed for Final practice and how I will bring more development into these works for my final show. I have created a lot of typography posters, I want to create a more comprehensive riso print and incorporate wordpress or different components into my prints for final show presentations.

This is mainly due to the fact most of my work has already been added into my display book which will be there at my final show, but now I need something at a larger scale for the board I have for the final show. I’m thinking 2 A2 riso prints , one being highly type based and the other being pattern based, photography-based, or having a lot of geometry. Before Tuesday I need to think about setting up my files and creating 2 more designs for the final show.

After this, I will think more about Vamos and how I can develop my ideas further from this for the exhibition. One of my developments, in particular, is something I will take forward.

Inspo for Final show – riso prints.

I follow a hashtag on Instagram for riso prints. I can look here for inspiration.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Inspo for Vamos – developing further.

my inspirations for this poster will come from my previous blog post, focusing on indg0‘s style of work mainly. I will use photography to create cutouts and vivid aspects to photography. This may also be riso print but the riso print will be photography vs vector based shapes.


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