Easter Time Plan.

Let’s focus on some real professional development over easter. I’ve just posted a pretty long post all about my targets for the year and whether I hit them. I did hit my targets mostly, but at the same time, I’m still working on a lot of them over the next few weeks, which is why I’m […]

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Memphis Pattern Tutorial.

Today has been super busy! I have been researching creative trends in graphic design, illustration, and colour for my final practice. From this, I found that 90’s / 80’s retro style and colour are going to be prominent in design this year. In the afternoon Laura taught us how to create a Memphis Pattern in illustrator […]

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What I’ve been up to this week.

This week has been very final practice orientated, especially in the studio, whereas I have been doing work for Vamos and Hedgehog Lab outside of college. For hedgehog lab, I have been researching space technology and atmosphere’s of mars to try and create an app that records data from a headset an astronaut uses, that way […]

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My day at Hedgehog Lab :)

Hello fellow creatives! Yesterday I visited the hedgehog lab in Newcastle, and I really enjoyed it! so I’m here to share what I learned there. First and foremost, The agency is different from what I pictured it to be, in a good way. Just being there and experiencing the working environment changed my perspective, I felt […]

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