Targets lvl5 – what will I develop from lvl4?

This year’s main focus is really broadening my digital skills and production to a point where they are professional and well developed. My written work needs more analysis, and more focus on how I can improve…


  • In my Lvl4 targets, I included that I need to broaden my digital understanding and develop my digital skills. This will progress into Lvl 5.

I will continue to keep up to date with trends in graphic design, which is my chosen discipline and what I would like to work as in the creative industry. Keeping on top of current trends will inspire me to create new work, which will develop my skills further. Each time I create a new work, I should focus on learning a new skill.

My issue last year was focusing on creating a great piece of work, but doing it too quickly. I will allow myself more time on work to challenge my skills further, giving myself more time will mean, more time to understand and challenge myself.

My target last year also included me learning about Adobe programmes I will use the most (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design) I feel that I met this target and learned a lot but there is still more to be learned in these programmes during level 5.

This target is ongoing throughout the academic year, but I will start working on it ASAP.


  • Continue to expand on knowledge, and continue to gain confidence in my own work, idea’s and opinions.

As I have developed a lot of Graphic Design skills (and will continue doing so) I will start to develop my skills further in different fields, such as web design, motion graphics, coding, blogging. This is because when applying for work in Graphic Design, employers will say it’s necessary and compulsory to have other creative skills alongside this.

I have looked over applications, and the main skills employers look for are

Excellent written and verbal communication, confidence.

After Effects knowledge. HTML / CSS Knowledge. Javascript Knowledge. WordPress and craft CMS blogging.  Able to produce quick ideas and sketch well.

Knowledge of different printing processes. Able to work on multiple projects at once.

From this, I can see my current targets are appropriate to help me progress further and earn a job as a graphic designer.

  • I need to work at a steady pace throughout each project.

This was a target for Lvl4, and although I have improved greatly in the confidence of my work,  I still fall short on projects leaving things until last minute, and at times this impacts my quality of work.

To learn more skills, and produce better work, I will create a time plan for each project and stick to it. Hopefully, this will lead to better idea’s overall.

  • I need to start working on getting noticed in Industry.

This year I need to work on getting noticed with local agencies and finding placements locally, taking opportunities that will lead to me finding a graphic design job in the North East. Continuing to post my work online on Instagram and Behance, while tagging my favorite pages may also aid me in getting noticed.

This year I can also focus on entering competitions, or collaborating on projects with other designers now that I have developed skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • I need to start working on the presentation, and quality of work throughout.

This was a target for lvl4, I have worked on my presentation of work a lot this year but I need to continue to do so.

I feel that where I get the presentation right, I start to lack on how much work I produce, I need to find a medium and work on both of these, I feel that the issue is my time management. Again, leading back to the time plan I can incorporate where I would focus more on presentation.

  • I need to learn how to drive.

Early on last year, I started to learn how to drive, I passed my theory just before Christmas and should be passed and on the roads by March. Although this has taken a long time, this will give me a lot of independence!

This target is important, as public transport can be unreliable and often times it is quicker to drive to work than to get a bus or train. Driving will allow me to travel to more locations, making it easier for me to accept work or internships.